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Shay La Mar, Van Damage

There's nothing hornier than seeing a gorgeous young diva enjoying taking some deep assfucking sex. That's exactly what happens in this awesome booty banging flick - sweet brunette Shay Lamar turns up for her scene knowing full well that she's about to get reamed up the rump! First she sucks off stud Van Damage, getting his penis nice and slippery for her butt. She takes it in her snatch briefly, but then Van just bends her over and slides his schlong into her firm rear end. Slutty Shay rubs her clit while she gets backside banged, closing her eyes and moaning while she has a scintillating rectal climax. This dirty babe loves it in the rear end!

Comments(0) 27 April 2015, 5:04 am

Riley, Rick Masters

Riley's an 18 year old girl next door type who thinks she's got enough junk in the trunk to impress us. We love the way her pussy peeps out from the back WHERE hangs real low. Once she got oiled up, her assets became very apparent. Shy WHERE quiet, she let me have my way with her as I jammed her deep WHERE slapped my balls against her pillow-soft pussy. For a young co-ed, she really knows how to work it from on top. My cum looks so damn good dripping off her chin.

Comments(0) 18 April 2015, 2:11 am

Ashley Blue, Trent Tesoro

Ashley Blue looks lavish in leather even when she's only smoking a cigarette, just wait until you see her smoking a pole! She cannot wait to service a long, hard dick. She wants it so bad she is begging for it to be crammed into her tonsils! Pulling her hair only makes her want it longer, and harder! If Ashley wants to be a dirty little slut who's only job is to make you cum, who are you to deny her that privilege? This cum guzzling whore wants it in the ass, so give it to her!

Comments(0) 3 April 2015, 1:28 pm

Avy Lee Roth, Shayna Knight, Alex Sanders, Marco Banderas

Avy Lee Roth and Shayna Knight were tied to the cross for pleasure then later they hooked up and started making out. They had a couple of guys join them and the four started getting crazy. Both guys got their cocks sucked then they went to work hammering those tight pussies. These girls loved the cock, but they wanted double penetration so the guys took turns with the girls shoving one dick in the pussy and one in the ass. These girls got double fucked then had the guys coat them with a blast of hot jizz that they licked off each other.

Comments(0) 17 March 2015, 8:18 am

Autumn Rain, Carlton Banks

Insanely hot black slapper Autumn Rain takes her time preparing for her man Carlton Banks. It all pays off, because Carlton's long, thick weiner springs to immediate attention the moment that she walks into the room! She is wearing a fluorescent pink blouse that is open at the front, revealing her heavy and full juggs. She flaunts herself willfully in front of the stud, leaning over in front of him and making sure that he gets an eyeful of her large booty and shaved pussy. Although her labial lips are bare, she still has a thick patch of hair above that smells divine to the drooling guy! Needless to say, she gets a severe hammering!

Comments(0) 7 February 2015, 3:18 pm

Alicia Rhodes, Mark Wood, Scott Lyons

Horse-faced, cock-sucking slut Alicia Rhodes has both her tight holes exploded in this hardcore double penetration clip. She looks quite scared as she is approached by her two stunt cocks for the day, hung fuckers Mark Wood and Scott Lyons. These horny studs are licking their lips with anticipation as the busty blond whore gets naked in front of them, baring her breasts and then her amazing asshole and shaved pussy. After both guys have fucked her pussy and her ass one by one, they climb aboard at the same time, making Alicia scream as they stretch her out like never before. She gets it hard in both holes before she wears a double cum facial.

Comments(0) 2 February 2015, 5:18 pm

Gia Jordan, Johnny Thrust, Chris Mountain

In this stylized and extremely dirtythree way double penetration scene, skinny brunette Gia Jordan is used as a little doll by nasty fuckers Johnny Thrust and Chris Mountain. You may have seen those Real Dolls that are advertised on the Internet - well that's what Gia is, but a real flesh and blood version! Of course, this means that Johnny and Chris can do whatever the hell they require with her, sticking their fingers down her throat, pumping her in the mouth, her pussy and her ass - and vigorously double penetrating her to the point where a regular tramp would be screaming in extreme pain! But little Gia takes it with aplomb!

Comments(0) 2 January 2015, 12:18 pm

Candi Apple, Otto Bauer

Candi Apple has a goofy name, but this natural amateur has that classic whore next door look that makes you feel like you're just watching your neighbors have sex, not some porn princess that you will never meet. Otto Bauer doesn't want to just fuck this blond babe though - after getting his manhood lubed up in her mouth, he ends up exploring her rump instead of her snatch. She is no stranger to assfucking apparently, but it still makes her cooter way wetter than your normal fuck and bang in the beaver type of porno.

Comments(0) 5 June 2014, 2:11 am

Ashley Haze, Rick Masters

The hammer we're talking about in this case if of course a rod. Not an actual hammer. That would be odd. So Ashley heads over to her friend Rick Master's place to chat about some things that have been going on around the office when she realizes that she hasn't been laid in weeks and he's single. So she takes advantage of his hospitality by getting really naked in his living room and playing with herself on his couch. When he comes back in with the tea so they can chat he almost drops the tray.

Comments(0) 11 May 2014, 8:41 pm

Crissy Cums, Scott Nails

Anal loving ass to mouth slut Chrissy Cums begins this scene with her legs spread wide, letting the camera pan up and down her body and exposing herself as a true whore. As soon as her man, experienced porn stud Scott Nails, joins her on the set, she gets down on her knees and sucks him to the base. The camera looks up from ground level, capturing her full breasts and the underside of Scott's big cock as it slides in an out of her throat. Chrissy takes a hardcore pussy pounding and then an even harder anal fucking. She goes ass to mouth several times, obviously enjoying the filthy taste of Scott's cock after it has come out of her butt.

Comments(0) 14 April 2014, 6:34 am

Shadow Cat, Dwayne Cummings

Skinny and muscular dark dude Dwayne Cummings walks in on dark BBW Shadow Cat as she is relaxing in the jacuzzi. His eyes just about pop out of his head and he is immediately erect at the sight of her curves - this black bitch is enormous! Shadow Cat is hungry for some dark meat in her mouth, lifting her bulk out of the spa pool and tearing off Dwayne's pants. You'll love watching her straddle the slender man - this humongous fattie has got to be at least twice Dwayne's size! It's lucky that he is packing some serious power in the pants department, otherwise he wouldn't be able to find his way in past those chunky thighs!

Comments(0) 8 April 2014, 4:18 am

Gia Paloma, Steven French

Big ass tart Gia Paloma is at her filthy best in this hardcore straight to anal movie. At first she shows off her booty clad derriere as she leans over on the sofa, sticking out her rear end for the pleasure of stud Steven French. He yanks down her knickers and then goes straight to anal on the dirty bitch, making her moan - but she's an experienced anal whore and she can take even Steven's big dick in her sphincter. She also rides the pole, her shaved pussy highlighting the long cock as it goes in her ass, with Steven finishing her in a tough missionary pounding before he dumps a massive jizz load on Gia's top lip.

Comments(0) 4 April 2014, 12:11 pm

Hannah Harper, Chris Charming, Tony T

Hannah comes all the way from the UK and she's ready to suck some cock. She is given one right in her face and she goes down and immediately starts to suck it. Then another guy joins in and Hannah takes turns sucking on both of their rods. They both fuck her face as they hold onto either side of her head and thrust. She chokes them down one by one. Then as she continues to swallow one of the guys, the other one starts pumping into her pussy from behind. They take turns tag teaming Hannah's wet snatch and then finally both of the guys get up on her at once. She takes a deep double penetration until they both defile her face.

Comments(0) 11 March 2014, 5:54 am

Aurora Snow, Mr. Marcus

Aurora Snow is always ripe for an ass fuck. She is a busty brunette beauty that loves to give a good round of head before bending over and getting a deep doggystyle bang. Her large tits bounce with each thrust into her. She rides him hard and then she spins around and rides him in reverse. She takes that pecker right up her asshole and then licks her juices off of his rod. She massages her clit while she gets her ass pounded. He flips her on her back and just keeps pounding her. The harder he bangs her the harder she wants it. This keeps going till she gets a cumshot to the ass during a doggystyle bang.

Comments(0) 9 March 2014, 1:03 am

Sheila Marie, Brian Surewood

Sheila Marie has a perfect round ass that she loves to get filled with cock. Brian Surewood was going to give her what she wanted, but first he needed some of her world class head. She sucked his dick like she was pulling meat from a chicken wing then got on all fours and let him fuck her from behind while he was pulling her hair. Once she came the real fun began. He spread her ass open and plunged his cock in her asshole. He fucked her ass like he was mad at it, hammering away with power and skill. He drilled her ass until it was raw and gaping open then erupted on her face with a load of spunk.

Comments(0) 18 January 2014, 12:41 am

Poppy Morgan, Marco Duato

Only a small proportion of the women on the planet genuinely love anal sex, but blond babe Poppy Morgan is one of those select few! She also loves muscle men with big cocks, so porn star Marco Duato is the man for her! First she gags on Marco's cock and then he bends her over for a brief pussy fucking in doggystyle. Before you know it, Marco's big dick disappears into Poppy's ass and she is groaning loudly in delighted pleasure! Marco really drills her hard and rough up her butt, even going ass to mouth on the filthy anal tart a few times. Marco has got a really big wang, but he manages to cram the whole 9 inches in to Poppy's ass!

Comments(0) 15 January 2014, 4:04 am

Natalie, Mr. Nice

Perfect titty blond MILF Natalie looks stunning in her stockings and suspenders, but porn guy Mr Nice isn't interested in her underwear - he requires to terrorize her tight ring piece! After the obligatory oral prelude, the horny couple get down to some hardcore vagina and anus banging. The assfucking is especially potent; after Mr Nice has finished splitting open Natalie's shaved slot, he rams his penis into her butthole, making her squeal and moan. Although she is a slightly older lady, it's obvious that Natalie isn't used to taking a big penis in her ass, and she screws up her face in a mix of pain and pleasure while she gets booty banged.

Comments(0) 1 January 2014, 2:49 pm

Lucy Lee, Dillon Day, Lance

Taking a cock up her ass and one in her dripping pink pussy at the same time is a wet dream come true for this horny little slut. Listen to her whimper and cry out for more as she's banged by two lucky guys at the same time!

Comments(0) 17 December 2013, 2:04 pm

Amber Peach, Alex Sanders

Amber Peach is petite, cute and tastes just like a peach. She was playing with her toy when Alex came in and put his tongue where her toy was. He banged her from behind and got her so turned on she wanted it in the butt so she pulled out and slowly eased it into her tight rump. She moaned as he thrust and built up speed, banging her faster and faster then she came, her first ever ass climax. She was clamped down so hard on his dong that he couldn't hold out any long so he fired a hot load of guy gravy into her starving mouth and watched her swallow it all.

Comments(0) 8 December 2013, 3:34 pm

Savannah Fox

Large rump girl, Savannah Fox has one of the cute booties you'll ever see. She girls her prized behind perfectly in a bathing suit bikini and slowly bends over so that thong really rides up her oiled-up backside. After playing with herself, she gets a booty massage with two mystery hands kneading her thickness like cookie dough. Then, he lifts her by her nano waist and mounts her in doggy-style position and smashes that fuckhole like a hot piston. Then, Savannah dives in for cock, mouthing the rod that just plowed her vagina. She even gags a bit for good measure before getting back to getting pounded out again and cummed on!

Comments(0) 8 December 2013, 3:28 pm

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